Volunteer Right from Home

You can begin helping with different projects to assist Casa Hogar right from your home by e-mailing us. There are always new events that we need help with and projects that we need ideas for and fundraising for. We encourage you to get your parish, school, or mission club to collaborate in fundraising for the needs of Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II!


Volunteer at Casa Hogar

Another way to contribute to Casa Hogar is to offer your time and hard work as a volunteer.  The tasks that volunteers take on vary according to the duration of stay and the volunteer’s interests and capabilities.  These range from manual labor (painting, gardening, cleaning, etc.) to working directly with the kids within the families, to administrative tasks.  Because there are some restrictions regarding the number of volunteers we can accept at one time, an application process is required for long term volunteers.

Volunteering as an Individual


  • Be 20 years of age or older

  • Stay at least two months

  • Speak Spanish at an intermediate level

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II

  • The room and board cost for each volunteer is $100/month

  • Volunteers are responsible for covering their own transportation to and from the airport. Casa Hogar can assist in booking.

  • Additional personal expenses are the responsibility of each individual


Complete these steps for becoming a volunteer

1. Please complete the: Volunteer Application. Submit the application via e-mail to development@ajpm.org.pe.

*If you are unable to send via email, contact Sarah at 401-714-7743*

2. Once Casa Hogar has reviewed your application, you will be asked to submit 2 letters of recommendation, one from a religious figure.

3. Complete the Basic Criminal Background CheckConfidential Questionnaire, and Safe Environment Training found on the Diocese of La Crosse Volunteer Form.

4. Complete the appropriate medical release form required of all volunteers:

                     Adult Medical Release Form (18 or older)

Bring one copy with you when you travel, and send one copy to:

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II
PO Box 4004
La Crosse, WI 54602-4004

5. Maintain contact with Casa Hogar in regards to your upcoming trip and ask a lot of questions!

*If any links do not work, please see the Paperwork Checklist for alternative ways to obtain these documents.*

Volunteering as a Group


  • Have an adult leader

  • No more than 20 people

  • Gender diversity is encouraged

  • Should have a planned project (this can be done through e-mail correspondence with staff at Casa Hogar). Depending on the project that the group chooses, you will also be responsible for raising the funds for your project.

  • All adults (18 and up) must complete the Safe Environment Training through the Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II

  • Cost is $30/day per person. This cost covers housing, all meals and transportation to and from the airport as well as other outings in the Lima area. Some trips are not included in this cost. There may be additional costs for transportation depending on group size.

  • Please approve all group sizes with Sarah prior to accepting participants.


As a Catholic organization, we strive to instill modesty in our children. Please always be sure to abide by the dress code of Casa Hogar. Check this list to make sure what you’re packing meets our code before leaving for your trip! Thanks.

Dress Code:

We ask all of our volunteers to comply with our dress code. This is something that we ask of the kids, staff and volunteers. As part of our model of care, we put a big emphasis on our image; how it portrays who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and the image or “message” we want to send to others. We also want to instill modesty in our girls as well as respect of self and the clothes we wear reflect just that. We do not allow any clothing too tight or too baggy; clothes should fit well. Shirts should be long enough that if you lean over or lift your arms you will not be showing your back or stomach. Skirts and shorts should be two inches below your middle finger when hands are at your sides. Pants should fit well in the waist and yoga pants/leggings are not allowed. For obvious reasons, there should be no reference to drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, racism, etc. on any clothing. We ask that you dress appropriately for Mass; dress pants, skirt, nice shirt, tie, etc.

Caps should not be worn indoors or at meals. If you are visiting a family and the Family Teachers allow the kids to wear caps in their apartment, feel free to keep your cap on. If you are visiting a family where that is not allowed, please respect that rule. We will ask you to change should you not follow these rules. Please understand this is so that we can be the best role-models for our children. Should you leave Casa Hogar grounds (not in the company of our kids) you can by all means dress as you wish keeping in mind that you are still role models for our children and the community. You are a reflection of Casa Hogar.