About Project Milk

Project Milk was started in 1984 by the Rural Life Committee of the Diocese of La Crosse. When the idea was presented to Bishop Freking, he gave the first $10 – the price of one hundred pounds of milk at the time. Then followed the connection with Father Joseph Walijewski, founder of Casa Hogar.


While living on the outskirts of Lima, Fr. Joe saw thousands of people suffering from malnutrition. He often told the story of meeting a young boy by his house. It was lunchtime and the little boy was outside playing soccer by himself. Father Joe asked him why he didn’t go home to eat lunch. He responded, “It’s not my day to eat.” Thousands of families in Peru are struggling to put food on the table and for some that means rotating days on which children can eat.


Over the years, Project Milk and the Rural Life Committee have provided the essential nutrients for thousands of growing children and families around Peru. Furthermore, the project raises awareness of the economic difficulties of our dairy farmers in western Wisconsin.  Since 1984, more than 500 tons of powdered milk have been shipped.  It costs about $85 to buy and ship one 50lb bag of powdered milk to Peru.  


Supporting Project Milk

Project Milk is supported through the generosity of donors, parishes, schools, youth groups and local organizations around Wisconsin. Donations go directly to the purchase, preparation and shipment of the milk.

2018 Project Milk Brochure

Buy-A-Bag Fundraiser

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It is only your continued support that makes these shipments possible!  

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