Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II, a mission of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, first opened its doors to homeless children in 1985, but was officially founded the following March of 1986.  Currently, 64 children call Casa Hogar their home, where they are given faith, family, and a chance at the promising future they deserve. Using the Family Program based on the famous Boys Town methods, Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II has become a leader in the treatment and care of orphaned, abandoned, and abused children of Peru. Over the years, our organization has provided many children with a safe, caring, loving environment where they gain the confidence to learn skills, become more responsible, and become productive citizens.


Our Mission

is to deliver high quality care and services to the at-risk youth of Peru, rescuing them from potential threats and rehabilitating them for a more promising future.


Our Method

is the Family Program, which aims at teaching kids social skills, helping them build healthy relationships, empowering them through self-government, fostering spiritual growth, and providing a family life-style.


Our Means

include giving our kids a safe and loving family environment in which to live, an education and vocational formation as well as a faith-filled ambiance where they can learn and instill the values of God.