Peru Needs You!

Recently, the coast of Peru has experienced devastating huaicos (flashfloods and mudslides). Heavy rains in the mountains have led to swelling rivers that are breaking out of the natural course of the river and overflowing into streets and cities. These rivers have picked up speeds resulting in rocks, mud, and crushing debris destroying everything in its path.

Bridges have fallen into the swelled rivers, roads have been closed, and all schools have been cancelled. Water has been cut off in huge areas of Lima and food and bottled drinking water prices have skyrocketed as a scarcity for supplies begins.  The rain will continue for two to three more weeks, so the danger is not over.

Thankfully, Casa Hogar and all the children are safe here, but that doesn’t mean we will sit by idly. Casa hopes to be able to distribute our resources to those in need, provide support, and send prayers for all surrounding communities in need. With your help! Please take a moment to watch the video below and see just a glimpse of the devastation that has been sweeping all over the country. Some of the footage is within 5 miles of where we are living here at Casa Hogar.


What Can You Do?

Casa Hogar is taking action, but needs your support to assist those in need. Our children and staff have been volunteering in affected areas this week: we packaged up powdered milk donated from the Diocese of La Crosse, as well as, clothes and shoes to send via helicopter to the areas completely cut off due to mudslides. We continue to distribute food to areas most affected, and are supporting the Diocese of Lurín and other emergency relief organizations that have the access to areas we cannot reach.

Every dollar counts, every share counts, every second counts. We ask that you show your support in prayer and financially. Every cent raised is another person receiving aid.

Follow the link below to make your contribution to Peru today!


Credit Card

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Checks can be written out to Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II with "Flood Relief" in the memo line. Please mail them to:

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II
PO Box 4004
La Crosse, WI 54601



Keep up to date on all that is happening in Peru and what Casa Hogar is doing to help rebuild a community. 

March 15, 2017 a huaico passed through a town only about six miles from Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II in Lurin, Peru. Many homes were destroyed along with an outdoor market.  You will meet the mother of two children at Casa Hogar who lost everything. Video taken by Msgr. Hirsch. 

Two girls from Casa Hogar reunited with their mother after the floods destroyed her business and home. All thankful for life and family.

Two girls from Casa Hogar reunited with their mother after the floods destroyed her business and home. All thankful for life and family.


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